Personal, Executive & Corporate Wellness and Empowerment

We make your Wellness & Performance challenges our problem to solve. We are committed to not only solving your current problems but to instigate real positive change with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!


Where can we help you?

Ronan Rooney and the Sirius Health programs have an internationally acclaimed reputation for positive progressive outcomes from their personal and corporate wellness programs.

Facilitating best fit ensuring your personal or professional operational challenges are not only solved but transformed into positive long-standing outcomes.

For You

You know where you want to get to but have no structured plan to get there. We focus directly on your current position and then tailor the program to your unique position

For You & Your Team

So you’re concerned about your teams’ stress levels, want to give your staff the tools to manage the demands on them and boost their capacity to perform. We want to be your Employee Assistant Program (EAP) partners implementing Leadership Transformation and team compatability.



  • Stress Management, work-life balance, team performance and engagement.

    2 hr

    1,250 euros

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